The Best Tech Innovations Coming to the Automotive Sector

The automobile industry is no alien to evolving technologies. Like smartphones, cars come with new features, year after year. The shiny hot thing, you buy this year will be done and dusted in a span of 1-2 years. That often puts prospective car buyers in a tangle. Car models gets improvised in just about a year.

Technology drives this industry forward. Nevertheless it results in the depreciation of car’s value consistently. On the bright side, we get advanced car models debuting in every automobile expo. Technologies deployed in this sector shapes the world we live in. Here’s some of the up and coming tech innovations to the automotive sector.

Self driving cars:

How long and often, are we hearing about self driving cars? It presents the concept of cars which can drive itself. The wait finally seems over, after Google engineers successfully tested self driving cars on over 2ook miles of public highways in Nevada and California. AI based technologies such as machine learning and big data analysis are used extensively here.

Augmented reality dashboards:

Augmented reality (AR) is infiltrating every sector. From real estate to mobile gaming to simulators, they are everywhere. For now, we have cars with GPS and similar displays that gets us from A to B. BMW have been deepening on their windshield display with AR, to identify objects before the wheel and how far they are away from the car.

Predictive vehicle technology:Cars are becoming IoT devices that connect to phones and takes voice commands. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will play bigger roles in the automotive sector. Carmakers are employing algorithms to automate configuring car’s application settings and infotainment systems. Predictive vehicle technology will extent till deciding whether the car needs servicing or not. Taking inputs from mileage alone, it can estimate performance and set up appointments with service centers.

Car as a Service (CaaS):CaaS is a little far fetched but very real. It is a ride sharing service organized with self driving cars. By 2025, the CaaS is expected to start operations, according to an IHS report. It offers car mobility to literally anyone. Drivers can book their ride via app. They are likely to look more like pods rather than cars of today.

Energy storing panels:

Hybrid cars are need of the hour, owing to ecological changes worldwide. But, their batteries take up too much space. In Europe, a group of 9 carmakers are researching on body panels that store energy. The panels are speculated to reduce car’s weight by an impressive 15%. Toyota upped the ante, by researching on body panels that capture and store solar energy.

Airbags that double as emergency brakes…

Ever since airbags were introduced, they became constant presence. Barring exceptions such as DC Avanti, all medium to high priced cars include airbags. They save you from fatal injuries during a crash. Mercedes wants to take it one step ahead. They are experimenting with airbags that stop a car before crash. Being part of an active safety system, it activates when a crash looks inevitable. Stopping power gets doubled.

How Trump is Incidentally Bringing nations Together

Talk about the strange fact that a guy who is widely disliked in Trump is incidentally bringing nations together

In recent times, on the global stage of world politics, no other countries leader has garnered so much opposition, criticism, and dislike than Donald Trump. His controversial tweets, racist’s statements, and unfair emigration policies.

There is not one group of disenfranchised people he has not tried to put down.
Since his swearing in as the President of one of the United States of America, one of the most powerful nations on earth. By his conduct, policies, foreign relations, or mere speeches Trump has managed to actually bring people together albeit in opposition. He has managed single headedly set off protests and solidarity movements not only across his own nation. But the nations of the world are also uniting to shut his unethical, irresponsible and damaging campaigns.

The most powerful and resounding incident on the world stage has to be the outcome of the Paris agreement. Trump tries to kill the Paris Agreement on climate change by withdrawing America out. But instead, it had a completely opposite effect. In weeks after his announcement, all 19 members of the G-20, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Germany took the most unpredicted course of action to declare that Paris was “irreversible” regardless of the Trump governments view. Currently, by July 2018, 195, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) members have signed the agreement, and 179 have become a party to it. Indeed an unforeseen an unusual degree of global consensus for any multilateral accord and credit for this definitely goes to Trumps for calling a climate change a “hoax”!

Trump knocked the wind out of his own supporters with his hithole countries’ comment. Not only his supporters but the entire world was furious with his racist rant. Mexico’s former president openly called out that the president’s mouth was “the foulest shithole in the world.” Laurent Lamothe former Haitian president stated that Trump’s disparaging comment revealed ignorance. An unprecedented amount of spoofs on all major shows on American television as well as statements made by most politicians in America took the country by the storm who ridiculed and trashed this poisonous racist point of view.

The major flux of sentiment of the world nations and its leaders seem to be the classic dilemma of whether to appease or oppose Trump as no one wants to negatively impact US strategic alliance. But his brash of handling leaders like Australia’s prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who was furious after not only refused by hung up on him after stating Barack Obama ’s refugee resettlement agreement was a dumb deal. The German chancellor Angela Merkel, was vocally opposed to Trump’s ban on Syrian refugees. UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May condoned Trump’s objectionable views and actions, like his support for torture and his travel ban on seven mainly Muslim countries.

In just first week of his Presidency saw many Americans organising protest marches like the women’s march, the Chicago airport protest, New York Yemeni Bodega Owners Protest, churches, mosques, and synagogues coming together for the sanctuary movement, Jewish-Muslim Solidarity movements, the invisible movement in Austin to name a few were the epitome of grass root revolt and resistance. Donations to American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.) just a day after his ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries, hit $24 million in donations.

Trump is a proponent of merica First’ but the way Trump administration is spooking its own allies as its opposers is interesting to watch. Hate for his comments and actions is acting like a catalyst to bring together other nations to protect their political, economic and foreign interests. America’s greatness was built on diversity and emigrant sweat. Trump administration seems to have forgotten this fact of their own history. Let’s just hope that stand of this great nation on the world stage does not diminish further or suffer a permanent handicap due to Trump’s ruthless actions.

The 6 Underrated Spots To Travel Around the World

There are so many affordable travel destinations in the world today, which makes it easier for you find one that suits you without too much struggle. It does not matter which continent you have come from, but there are many budget-friendly destinations you can find in all countries. Many seasoned travelers will always look for less famous destinations. This is because they will offer great experience as compared to the famous ones. All you need to understand is that no destination is too expensive as long as you have the tricks of reaching there. This article will offer information about 6 Underrated Spots to Travel around the World that you need to know.


This is no doubt one of the oldest administrative capitals of Greece that has become a major tourist destination in the region. Its neoclassical architecture has attracted many people from far and wide who want to how shipbuilding factories operated in the past. This is one of the underrated cities that you do not want to miss during your upcoming vacation.


This is of the states where you can travel for adventure during your next vacation. It has so many sceneries like Caucasus Mountains and generally, Georgia people are always hospitable.

They believe that visitors are gifts sent to them by God and they really mean what they say. You can trek in Tusheti and Svaneti for nature walks while in Georgia. They have mouth-watering traditional meals plus wines that will make your visit a memorable one.


This is another underrated city in Europe that is slowly becoming an adventure capital of Europe. It has a rugged coastline, Snowdonia Mountains, and other hiking trails are available. This is another town that will make your vacation truly enjoyable as your calendar will have endless activities for you to perform.

Coasteering started in Wales and you can as well try it. However, you should hire a guide to help you to transverse through the cliffs and finally to the Churning waters.

South Korea

This is the greatest travel destination that has remained undiscovered over the years. It has an excellent countryside, wonderful meals and fascinating nightlife that you will no doubt enjoy. If you are just planning to visit South Korea on your next vacation, then be prepared to taste their mouth-watering BBQ plus one delicious meal for you. South Korea is one of the six underrated travel destinations in the world today.

Lisbon, Portugal

This is a perfect travel destination, especially for those travelers who are on a tight budget. The flights are affordable compared to other parts of Europe. It has so many sceneries that include natural parks and streets that visitors can explore.

South Africa

There is no doubt that there are many underrated spots in Africa. Cape Town is no doubt the best vacation destination in South Africa. It has excellent national parks like Kruger National Park that is known all over the world. There are also many vineyards that you can visit in the Western Cape region. Travelers can also enjoy great seafood and watch beautiful scenery while in Cape Town, South Africa. You will be able to visit the Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was detained for many years.

2017 Audi A3 Review

The new 2017 Audi A3 is one of the highest ranked, lower priced luxury vehicle. It comes in two different versions, the four-door sedan, and also in a two-door soft top convertible. The car attracts many customers in the world. It drives either front wheel, or all four wheels. It has a 220 horse-power, 2.0-liter, four cylinder engine, and is turbocharged and has a 6-speed automatic transmission. It is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Are you all about the speaker system or having a back-up camera because you love to jam, or get a little too close to things sometimes? Well, you won’t be disappointed with the Audi A3 because a 10-speaker system and a backup camera come standard. It also comes with adaptive cruise control. If you are all about the music, you have the option between Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto, or if you don’t want either you don’t have to get one!

With this newer model of Audi, it’s grille design is closely matched to that of the new Audi A4. This makes it look sleek and sharper than ever. This makes it look like a more expensive Audi when really they start at $31,825 and they top out at $49,375. For being a top-rated luxury vehicle, is a fairly reasonable price for such a vehicle. This Audi has precise steering and a very smooth, composed ride, no matter where you are going. With the new front look, they also offer the new matrix LED lighting system, although not yet legal in the United States.Right now, they are still using the xenon headlights, which come standard, with LED availability.

This vehicle now has a “virtual reality cockpit”, as they are calling it, includes a 12.3 inch TFT screen. This is used to display all sorts of different information about your vehicle. You can use it as your navigator, speedometer, and review all of your vehicles information, such as miles, trip meter, oil, vehicle or outside temperature and so much more! They also put in a 7 inch screen, which is mounted on the dash, which now includes an improved voice command usability, an app you can download to help keep you connected to your calendar. It also has a 3 spoke steering wheel and even a massage function for your drivers seat!

Now you know a little bit more about the function, upgrades, and luxuries of the new 2017 Audi A3. With the staring price of a four-door sedan starting at $31,825 and moving up into the two-door soft top convertible going all the way up to $49,375. You can choose the luxuries you want in your new vehicle. You can get all the extras, some of them, to none of them. It has a new design making it sleek and composed. There are so many different options to choose from to what you want in a vehicle, from the adaptive cruise control, all the way to a massaging drivers seat. Your estimated gas milage is 24 city and 33 highway. The A3 goes from 0-60 in about 5.4 seconds! Lastly, top speed of this luxury car is 129mph. Go now and look for your new luxury Audi A3!

Why is F1 more popular in Europe and Nascar more popular in the United States?

Europe and the United States are both rich in their own cultures, heritages and traditions. Over generations, we see an amalgamation of various cultures which we imbibe into our own. This is a great aspect, as it unites us globally.

However, there are certain apparent differences we can all see in different countries, specifically in their choices, preferences, likes and dislikes.

One of these differences one can notice is how F1 is more popular in Europe while Nascar is more popular in the United States.

The first obvious reason why F1 is seen to be more popular in Europe than in the US is due to heritage and traditional differences. F1 racing is considered to be a pinnacle of racing by Europeans, as it was established generations ago. Nascar, on the other hand, is a more recent development seen in the United States.

Another obvious reason we can point out for the popularity of F1 in Europe and not the US can be due to the lack of American race car drivers present in F1 racing. While this can be a cultural and patriotic reason, it surely is one of the reasons F1 is not as popular in the United States.

Nascar is seen to be compounded mainly of the ability to race at high speeds. This is the kind of racing that most Americans have been brought up with and are used to. On the other hand, Europeans do not pay special heed to speed as an ability to prove themselves as a racing car driver. F1 racing deals more with obstacles, the ability to switch between high and slow speeds with various twists and turns. This is representative of real life driving, while Nascar is more of driving at fast speeds in an oval shaped race track.

Another reason we can account to F1 being more popular in Europe than in the United States could be due to the time shift. While most F1 races would start early morning, around 8 AM, due to the obvious time difference in the United States, it would be harder for Americans to follow the races.

Nascar is extremely easy to follow, even for first time viewers. The rules aren’t complicated and the cars are simple. Nascar is one of the most popular sports among American women as well, with over 40% of American women following Nascar racing due to its simplicity.

Nascar has made conscious efforts into developing itself into a family sport. Men, women and children alike spend their weekends enjoying the races. This gives the families a bonding experience as well.

F1 racing and Nascar are both extremely respectable sports. While they might be alike in the most basic sense, there are subtle differences which make the respective sports more popular in some countries than the other. Culture and tradition play an immense role in shaping the likes and dislikes of individuals. Patriotism or national pride also is an obvious reason why F1 is extremely popular in Europe; most of the driving teams are seen to be Europeans, with a lack of American teams.

Auto Racing brings in new innovations to the Automotive Industry

Automobile Racing has existed almost since the invention of the first automobile. The earliest recorded race was in 1867. Initially, races were designed to show the reliability of these vehicles as a mode of transportation as the most popular road transportation at the time were still horse-driven carriages. However, towards the turn of the century, cars became a more popular form of land transportation eventually replacing horses and soon, car racing became a popular sport.

Automobile racing in its early days was also a way for car manufacturers to showcase their latest technology and to show to the world what the cars they produce can do. As the automotive market became more competitive, so did automotive racing. Car manufacturers, oil and gasoline companies and other car-related brands even hire and sponsor particularly good racers so that these companies can showcase their brands.

Today, there are more than several types of automobile racing such as Formula racing (including Formula One or F1), Tour Car Racing and Stock Car Racing. Groups or organizations involved in racing employ designers and engineers in order to build the best cars possible for racing and many of the innovations and technologies formed find their way in your standard sedans.

Much of racing technology has influenced the way we build mass-produced cars today such from the basic engine design, to the position of the ignition and even our rearview mirrors.

Engine technology such as the dual overhead cam valve system is something that is in nearly every car to date. But this technology was first developed and used in the 1912 French Grand Prix. It is more efficient than the single cam valve system, it took awhile before it was introduced to the market but eventually made its way to the 1925 Alfa Romeo.

Direct-Shift Gearboxes or DSGs is an innovation that has also found its way to our modern road cars formerly only available in race cars. DSGs allow you the power of a manual transmission with the feel and convenience of an automatic transmission. Originally found only in race cars to improve the speed of a manual transmission, this technology has already found itself in some of the sporty cars of Audi and Volkswagen.

Another innovation is in the chassis design of your standard road car. Roll cages in F1 cars has been used since the early 1970s. This chassis design has since then been adapted in your standard road car to improve the safety. They are not immediately noticeable because it’s now been built in to standard car design. In 1981, McLaren invented a carbon fiber chassis which is now used by every team today. Though still a bit expensive this same chassis is even being used now in supercars and is slowly creeping down the priceline making it more affordable and available to your cheaper sedans.

Push button ignition is also technology initially found only in racing. Until recently, most cars were designed with ignition that starts at the turn of a key. This racing technology has been used for years and makes starting a car far easier and convenient. You can now see this technology in the newest cars being produced, making it available to the common man.

There are many other technologies and innovations in racing that have found their way in the automotive industry and has really pushed the envelope on what is possible for our current cars. As more and more innovation is created in automobile racing, more and more it will find itself in your car of choice.

5 Cars in 2017 To Keep Your Eye On

Everyone dreams of having their car, and when got the opportunity to buy the best car we start thinking from budget to mileage and then maintenance These are basics things which we keep in mind while buying our first car. If you intend to purchase a brand new car this year. We have a list of some of the new cars which are launching in 2017.

Many car brand companies are planning to launch their new cars in this year. We have a list of some those cars which are beginning in 2017.

List of 2017 Upcoming Cars

2017 Chevrolet Sail

Its one of a best new upcoming car of Chevrolet got a facelift and expecting to launch in January 2017. This car is of Shanghai General Motors, China. This car will come in sedan and hatchback. Price in India would be Rs 6,00000.

2017 Ford Ecosport

A car coming in more than the hatchback and classy look powered by a 1.0-liter engine.It is more affordable than the regular compact SUV. Is price in India would be Rs 9,00000.

Maruti MR Wagon

Its a key car manufactured by Suzuki. Its one of small car manufacturer company Suzuki’s car who is expecting to launch MR Wagon in India. This car is powered by 666 cc engine and with the best-expected features. The price of this car in India would be Rs 5,00000.

Hyundai Tucson

Its one of compact crossover SUV by Hyundai, its a low budget SUV car as compared to other SUVs. Available in GL, GLS, and Limited trim levels. Powered by the 2.0-liter engine with the excellent pickup. Price in India would be 17,00000.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Its one of smart SUV and is characterized by the body on frame and boxy style look. Three fully locking differentials make it one of the unique, lovely car. It atimes noted as to as “wolf” and LAPV Enok. Its price in India would be as low as ‘1,32,90,000 and one of most expensive cars in India.

These are some of the expected cars to be launched in 2017 in India. Some other are 2017 Next Generation Hyundai i10, 2017 Next Generation Hyundai i10, 2017 Honda Amaze, 2017 Audi S6, 2017 Facelifted BMW 7-Series, 2017 Jaguar XJ Ultimate, 2017 Volvo V40 Cross Country and 2017 Land Rover Freelander 2 SUV. These are some of the expected cars to be launched in 2017. Some low budget cars like Tata Nano Diesel is also beginning in 2017. Nano’s diesel version was coming in 2017.

These are our list to let you know about upcoming cars of 2017. Hope you get an idea which one was to buy in 2017.

These online sources provide their complete support to the used car finder and new car information seeker both. With the help of such sources, this is very easy to select a perfect car model of 2017 without visiting the showrooms of any car brand.

This is very cost effective medium to get the knowledge about cars in simplest form. Earlier things were not as easy, but now they are. So there is no need of compromising with a dream car model.

Online new car quotes providing sources give an opportunity to buy the exact car model which we have liked ever in any car magazine or at any advertising hoarding.

The upcoming sports sensation – Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

corvette stingray

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is indeed an awaited sports car for the year 2017. It will make the expectations of many drivers soar with enthusiasm. It has an absolute performance as also it has very well built structure for a sports car. It is coupled with an incredible technology to suit its super sports racing look. It has couple as well as convertible availability.

It has very well built form suiting all the functionality of the car. Also the airflow in the air is well made to suit drivers in different circumstances. The cooling components are kept adjustable for reasons of different needs of different drivers. The design is well made with competition sports seating. The seating is even adaptable to grand touring. The need of screens is also taken care of by providing an 8 inch LED in the sports car. This indeed gives the sports car a design to bid for.

The performance of the car is also unquestionably as desired. Special emphasis is always laid on the performance when it comes to sports car as that is what the sports drivers seek the most. This factor is well adhered to by the makers of the car. The sports car has a 6.2 LT1 V8 engine with almost up to 460 horsepower. There are various automated features to add to this level of engine performance.

There is confident stopping power due to its brakes and tires availability. Efficient handling and grip is also made available to the drivers. There is an option to adjust to the road conditions a number of times per second. This ensures that the driver can drive as per the road conditions with a magnetic ride control.

The sports car has utilized the latest technology in the making of the car. There is scope for customization as there is reconfigurable instrument cluster. There is proper emphasis on ones sight while driving with the head up display. There is technology to enable one to talk, text, stream music hands free with the touchscreen facility. There is a premium Bose audio system with satellite radio that too with a 3 months of service available as well. All these technologies make the car an added benefit to users. With the help of various technologies the sports car is made up to date.

Safety is an element which is of utmost importance when it comes to purchasing any car for that matter. Even while buying a sports car, safety component plays an important factor affecting the decision making of the users.

This sports car takes care of this aspect also. It has an active handling system to keep the car well in control. Also there are seats to protect in case of collisions. It is made with 4 wheel anti-lock brakes to ensure safety while driving. The car is also made with a Automatic Crash Response to send the GPS location. It is made available with a 6 months service period for better customer service.

A Comprehensive 2014 BMW 328i Review

bmw 328i

Always a benchmark in cars, both as a status symbol and as a sports wagon, we’d spent almost a week with the 2014 BMW 328i to check its features and see if it has all it boasts of. We were impressed to find that it still ticked all the mid-level executive boxes it has since debuting.

Launched in 1975, BMW E21 3 series revolutionized the entire sports sedan market. It was a two-door couple and cabriolet with a driver centric dashboard and a center console. In mid 1980s came the iconic n E30 3 (second generation) series as a variable style model to anchor the BMW brand. It was available in 7 shapes: convertible, a two-door coupe, wide-bodied couple, convertible cabriolet, touring wagon, and a rout-door sedan.

In 2012, BMW 3 Series was launched in its 6th and current generation. It was a M and two-door models split into different ranges, leaving just the touring wagon, GT hatch and sedan as “proper” 3 series cars.

The 2014 BMW 328i Sports line (one of the three style choices) is an ultimate driving machine. It comes with a slightly different trim, wheels, as well as color and front dam designs.

The 2014 BMW 328i sedan uses automatic climate control, eight-way manually adjustable front sets, vinyl (leatherette) upholstery, cruise control, tilt and telescoping front wheel, a trip computer, iDrive interface, Bluetooth, a premium radio system, USB port, an auxiliary audio jack, rain sensing automatic wipers, and 19-inch alloy wheels

All “Lines” of 328i start at $69,000 plus on the roads, but Sport Line is an ultimate driving machine. It features eBay-style sport badges on its front guards.

Inside, the things are where you would expect them to be and driving position in the sedan is quite comfortable. It’s surely a place you feel perfectly at home very quickly.

It features more goodies, a bigger 8.7-inch iDrive screen is awesome. Besides professional navigation (a standard in BMW 328i), it is also fitted with a Connected Drive Freedom (optional) that offers one-the-move communications and live telematics data.

BMW 328i features a turbocharged 2.0 liter inline-4 making 240 horsepower and 250 pound feet of torque. It accelerates from 0-60 within 5.2 seconds with 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic. It achieves an EPA-estimated 20/34 mpg Highway/City with the 6-speed manual, and 21/32 mpg City/Highway with automatic on both AWD and RWD models.

While SOS and concierge functions of its Connected Drive are superb, the standout function of the sedan is the navigation re-routing and live-traffic map.

This system can display roads in yellow, green and red to quickly identify the exact traffic volume and can re-route you to skip heavier snarls wherever possible. Once you get used to the system, it’s very useful.

Driving around the city in “comfort” setting feels pleasant, and comfortable. Drop into “sports” and the response improves to return much more rewarding and entertaining experience.

The BMW’s features an Active Sound Design that can pump the synthetic note through stereo speakers. It’s too perfect and comes out after some enhancement. You’ll definitely enjoy it!

Even with its beautiful shiny pain and sharp-looking alloys, the BMW 328i sports does look similar to any other 3 Series out there. It’s climate control isn’t that accurate. So you can’t sync the temperature between front passenger and driver. Ideally, aircon should punch out same 19.4 degrees through both sides, not 18, 19 or 20.5.

The 2014 BMW 328i sedan remains the top-seller among all compact luxury sport cars such as the Lexus IS, Audi A4, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Though all of them offer similar features and dimensions, none can quite match the performance-oriented dynamics and weight balance of the BMW.

The Points to Consider While Going Through New Car Reviews


The car for sale industry is growing amazingly and the new launching is seen quite frequently and regularly. One or other manufacture produces the latest model that can compete in the market with other manufacturers and also can make the company profitable. But, none of the companies can reach to the hearts and minds of the car lovers until the reviews or features of them are not reached to the ultimate buyers. In order to make this possible, the manufacturers and dealers offer the services of expert car review writers who make the buying procedure quite easier and smarter by offering the reviews in the markets.

These reviews are available in different sections and styles but there are certain fixed points that are must to get handled and focused. Here are some of the highlighted features that make big difference in the decision of buying.

* The introduction

The introductory features are quite necessary in deciding the buying. In the standard review, the introductory paragraph is quite important as it indicates brief information about the company and also reveals the response and trims offered by the new car manufacturers. These introductory features make the buyer informed about the car and their models, experience of the test drive and the summary of the company which connects as the first impression with the reviewed model. The first impression is last impression, and therefore the introductory paragraph is must to get read by the readers.

* The exterior and interior

The exterior is one of the most featured factors of any of the new cars. Normally people buy the car more for the show-off reasons these days and also the better exterior creates a definite impression in the minds of the viewers. Exterior has got varied shapes, features and latest tools that are described while narrating the exteriors. The headlights, fog lamps, the grille and also the exterior paints are the main features that make difference in the exterior view. Interior is also one of the prime features for reviewing the buying procedures. In the interior section, the advance tools, the locations and ease of using these features and also the comfort space for the front and rear seats should be seen with multiple features and functions. Ultimately, the exterior and the interiors should be seen with amazing and exclusive perfections.

* The engine performance and driving comfort

The engine performance is quite important and pivotal is the driving comfort of the cars. The articles should be read by keeping the importance of engines in the minds. The engines are having phenomenal importance and they also are the hearts of any models. The more efficient the engine is the longer lasting the cars are. The horse power productions and the torque should be seen with the engine types. The engines should suit the types, for example, the sports and other models are attached with the V8 engines that are fastest. So, the model type and their engine types should be seen before making any final decision.

* The safety features

The safety features are equally important as the airbags and other special features make big difference in improving the safety features. The new cars are clearly exposing the safety features and they are quite important in making the decision of buying.

So, these are some of the most important features of the new car reviews that can make the car buying easier and smarter. They should be seen with the target of seeing these targeted features.