What are the biggest car companies planning

After a survey by Forbes on the biggest auto companies in 2015, Japanese companies came up twice among the top 5 companies. Overtaking their German and American counterparts to the first position, Toyota topped the list followed by three German companies in succession. These were VW (VolksWagen), Daimler and BMW ( BayerischeMotorenWerke AG) . Honda Motors ended as 5th on the list. The coming years, and its rising concerns on utilizing clean and sustainable energy solutions have triggered the adoption of new plans by these companies. Plans to boost sales whilst meeting global requirements on clean energy are all being considered. The following are a list of what some of the biggest car companies are planning.

Electric Cars and Plug in Hybrids.

The global benefits of reducing carbon emissions and skyrocketing oil prices are encouraging a number of big car companies to increase the production of electric cars. Quite a few have already been making top sales since 2015, with Tesla and BMW producing high standard designs to meet their client specifications. VW, Toyota, Daimler and many companies are focusing research on developing more effective electric cars. Though these vehicles are significantly more expensive than the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles (vehicles that run solely on petrol), a growing appeal among customers has risen towards these vehicles.

Self-Driving Cars

The essence of driving is going to be put to question with autonomous driving. A dream, considered by some, car companies have already developed research effective autonomous vehicles. The Mitsubishi i-Miev and Renault Zoe are already being used in Singapore as taxis. Tesla also made autonomous driving a reality after it sent its cars a software update. This euphoria was short-lived after two Tesla self-driving accidents. Public confidence in this technology has come to question but not enough to deter other car manufacturers such as Audi, Toyota and Tesla themselves. Predictions from analyst are showing self-driving technology to be next step into the future. Companies without the technology may be imperiled as silver halide sellers in this age of the digital selfie.

Futuristic Designs

Big car companies are nearing the age of sci-fi realities by developing car designs only possible in sci-fi thrillers. BMW, Daimler, VW, Toyota and many big car companies are rolling out their concept models and performing street drives. These cars are featuring augmented reality dashboards and elastic car bodies.

Producing Solution Based Vehicles

Big car companies are committing research and financial resources to produce solution based vehicles. Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota, maintains his company is seeking innovative solutions to emerging social problems. Many Big car companies such as Daimler and BMW have such commitments to solving emerging social problems.

Development of Smart Cars

The concept of an intelligent vehicle is not a recent on. Cars have already become autonomous in driving. However, the demand for self-aware vehicles like in Winter Soldier have become very high. Companies such as Daimler and Tesla are already leading in the production of such cars. On a long enough timeline, we may just have cars that resemble robots in every way.