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Taking part in sport will greatly improve a child’s physical and mental health, Not only that, but it will also increase confidence and widen expectations.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of sport is an increase in physical health. According to a population health survey 29.9% (24.4% of females and 36.0% of males) of persons aged 15-84 were obese

A less obvious benefit of sport is that it is a social activity where children get to meet and socialise face to face with other, instead of through a smartphone or computer screen. Friendship and the sense of having a shared goal encourages a feeling of belonging.

Making children aware of the many different physical requirements of playing sports and physical activity may lead them to take responsibility for their own physical development and preparation as they get older.

Expert coaches can help children become aware of the many physical requirements of taking part in sports and this core knowledge will assist them throughout their lives.. At Dreamsports children get access to former professional sports people who can provide intensive training that will enhance their chances of success.


For over a decade Dreamsports have been providing the best coaching in Hong Kong, with micro-programs that are aimed at specific groups of young people.

Regular Coaching Groups

Every Saturday there are 25 classes aimed at skill development for those between 5 and 20

Elite Team Program

Dreamsports also have special classes for those who outgrow the regular classes and need more specialized training to motivate them. They even have a speial league for elite level students.


The Dream Sport Football Academy, has classes five age groups. The different age groups are all taught using a unified structure where each age group builds on the previous one. The program takes plae at Harrow International School, a first class venue.

Just as with Basketball, the Football Program is coached by top quality coaches who have experience in the professional game. This is a hugely succesful program and will assist any child to progress at an accelerated rate.


With former olympian coaches this is one of the premier badminton programs in Hong Kong. Coach Isis Poon Lok Yan a former player on the Hong Kong national team, is head coach on the Badminton program and is the perfect coach to encourage Olympians of the future.

The children on all the programs offered by not only benefit from having access to top quality coaches who have achieved success in their respective sports, but they enjoy the expeience of working at high level with other children who are equally focussed on success. The acdemy will create friends for life, based on a shared passion.

Becoming part of a sports club and training with others is one of the best way to make true friends who share the same values as you do. Childen share a love of sports with their team mates. As team mates you need to trust each other and learn how to play off each other’s strengths. No need to struggle to make small talk as your team all share a common interest.

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