How Trump is Incidentally Bringing nations Together

Talk about the strange fact that a guy who is widely disliked in Trump is incidentally bringing nations together

In recent times, on the global stage of world politics, no other countries leader has garnered so much opposition, criticism, and dislike than Donald Trump. His controversial tweets, racist’s statements, and unfair emigration policies.

There is not one group of disenfranchised people he has not tried to put down.
Since his swearing in as the President of one of the United States of America, one of the most powerful nations on earth. By his conduct, policies, foreign relations, or mere speeches Trump has managed to actually bring people together albeit in opposition. He has managed single headedly set off protests and solidarity movements not only across his own nation. But the nations of the world are also uniting to shut his unethical, irresponsible and damaging campaigns.

The most powerful and resounding incident on the world stage has to be the outcome of the Paris agreement. Trump tries to kill the Paris Agreement on climate change by withdrawing America out. But instead, it had a completely opposite effect. In weeks after his announcement, all 19 members of the G-20, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Germany took the most unpredicted course of action to declare that Paris was “irreversible” regardless of the Trump governments view. Currently, by July 2018, 195, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) members have signed the agreement, and 179 have become a party to it. Indeed an unforeseen an unusual degree of global consensus for any multilateral accord and credit for this definitely goes to Trumps for calling a climate change a “hoax”!

Trump knocked the wind out of his own supporters with his hithole countries’ comment. Not only his supporters but the entire world was furious with his racist rant. Mexico’s former president openly called out that the president’s mouth was “the foulest shithole in the world.” Laurent Lamothe former Haitian president stated that Trump’s disparaging comment revealed ignorance. An unprecedented amount of spoofs on all major shows on American television as well as statements made by most politicians in America took the country by the storm who ridiculed and trashed this poisonous racist point of view.

The major flux of sentiment of the world nations and its leaders seem to be the classic dilemma of whether to appease or oppose Trump as no one wants to negatively impact US strategic alliance. But his brash of handling leaders like Australia’s prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who was furious after not only refused by hung up on him after stating Barack Obama ’s refugee resettlement agreement was a dumb deal. The German chancellor Angela Merkel, was vocally opposed to Trump’s ban on Syrian refugees. UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May condoned Trump’s objectionable views and actions, like his support for torture and his travel ban on seven mainly Muslim countries.

In just first week of his Presidency saw many Americans organising protest marches like the women’s march, the Chicago airport protest, New York Yemeni Bodega Owners Protest, churches, mosques, and synagogues coming together for the sanctuary movement, Jewish-Muslim Solidarity movements, the invisible movement in Austin to name a few were the epitome of grass root revolt and resistance. Donations to American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.) just a day after his ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries, hit $24 million in donations.

Trump is a proponent of merica First’ but the way Trump administration is spooking its own allies as its opposers is interesting to watch. Hate for his comments and actions is acting like a catalyst to bring together other nations to protect their political, economic and foreign interests. America’s greatness was built on diversity and emigrant sweat. Trump administration seems to have forgotten this fact of their own history. Let’s just hope that stand of this great nation on the world stage does not diminish further or suffer a permanent handicap due to Trump’s ruthless actions.

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