The Maserati Merak

maserati merak

There have been successful reinvention of cars that went down in the past few years. A good example is the BMW’s Mini Cooper, Volkswagen’s New Beetle and Fiat’s 500. There are thousands of car models that have been created while at the same time there are many opportunities to build more. However, because of the originality, obscurity or emotional attachments, some cars deserve to be recreated. I have always loved the Maserati Merak, and I think its remaking would be a great idea.

The Maserati Merak is sports vehicle that was made by Italian company Maserati that was established on December 1, 1914, in Bologna. Heading to the end of 1960’s, Citroen, which by then was the majority shareholder of Maserati came up with an idea. It was decided that for ‘Casa del Tridente’ to introduce a mid-engined GT. They had planned on two models. One was a luxury model in the traditional mode. The other one was a cheaper version that was meant to run against the likes of Ferrari 308/GT4 and the Lamborghini Urraco. They went ahead and launched the Maserati Bora in the year 1971

In the following year, 1972, Maserati came up with what would be known as ‘Junior,’ the Maserati Merak. The Maserati Merak is sports vehicle that is mid-engined and was in production between the years 1972 and 1983. Yes, it was not named after the wind as previous versions but after a star from the constellation Ursa Major. It had a small engine and a marginally different appearance in the exterior. In other aspects, the Maserati Merak was similar to the popular Maserati Bora.

However, apart from the normal shape and proportions of the Bora, it had a fastback shape. It was also cut vertically right behind the seats. Flying buttresses above the rear boot lid maintained a continuous silhouette. This innovative masterpiece was the work of Giotto Giugiaro.


1. Merak

The Merak which was designed Tipo 122 by the factory, was officially introduced to the world at the Paris motor show in October 1972.

2. Merak SS

The more powerful and light Merak SS was introduced at the Geneva motor show in March 1875.

3. Merak 2000 GT

Lastly, the Merak 2000 GT was first seen at the Turin motor show in November 1976.

The Maserati Merak is closely related to the Maserati Bora in that they share the parts of their structure and body panels. However, it was powered by a 3.0 L V6 in the place of the latter’s 4.7 L V8. The bigger cabin space was gained by fitting a smaller and compressed power train was used to carve out an extra row of car seats. This was very much suitable for children and not so big adults. This made the Merak not just less expensive alternative to the Maserati Bora but also a 4-seater and aimed at a larger market.

The interior of a Maserati is spacious with enough leg space and head room. The car could hold up to three or four people at a time. It should, however, be kept in mind that the back seats are distinctively smaller unlike most cars. The extra space was squuezed out only by opting for a lesser engine than the Maserati Bora. It also has good user-friendly aspcets like, automatically operated windows and height adjustable seats for the driver. The music system was also installed in some of the Meraks. In addition to this, it had a great air conditioner.

In its recorded production run that spun from 1972 to 1983, 1830 Merak’s were built. 1000 of which were Merak SSs and only 200 were 2000 GTs. The most successful year was 1973.

The (Catalogue Raisonne, 1990) indicates that 17 Merak’s were built in 1972, 430 in 1973, 334 in 1974, 102 in 1975, 139 in 1976, 142 in 1977, 153 in 1978, 194 in 1979, 150 in 1980, 101 in 1981 and only 4 in 1982.

The Merak like the Bora was affected greatly at first from the fall out of the energy crisis. In addition to this, managerial difficulties in Maserati also contributed greatly. At that time, the Casa del Tridente was making the hard transition from the old owners Citroen to the new owner who was Alejandro De Tomaso.

I would pretty much like to have the Maserati Merak back because it was a unique car.

A Future Car You Should Be On The Look Out For

There are very good reasons to take a second look at the year 2016 Jeep Wrangler vehicle. Its innovative design and well – built structure make it stand out from the crowd. And with the positive customer reviews, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at its appeal. One of the primary key features of the year 2016 Jeep-Wrangler is its rugged all terrain durability. It is great for going off of the paved road, for riding through mountainous regions, or for rough patches of land. It offers a smooth ride with the shocks absorbing the impact of the ride.

There are numerous variations of customizability to suit anyone’s needs for greater appeal and luxury. With all – embracing factory & aftermarket parts support, it makes being an owner easy to do. It has scored very well in crash test scores, owing to the safety of its design. The 2016 Jeep Wrangler has impressive braking distances, regardless of what the weather conditions are. The soft top convertible adds additional fun to an already exciting vehicle.

The Jeep Wrangler family of vehicles presents its full – bodied gathering of special makes and models having an addition of Black Bear vehicle in the 75th Anniversary & the Backcountry Editions. The transmission & engine performance are noted to be top notch when compared to other brands. And it never hurts to obtain a fully comprehensive lifetime warranty for greater extended use.

Customer reviews have been positive overall noting that owning a jeep is a one of a kind experience. It is the vehicle that onlookers can’t keep their eyes off of and are talking about. It boasts of getting twenty – one miles to the gallon for further fuel economy. The standard model is a six speed manual, making it easy to use even for a new driver.

It generally seats up to four people comfortably and comes with a powerfully impressive V6 engine. The standard model is four – wheel drive, which makes getting out of ruts or ravines a breeze. The cloth bucket front seats are incredibly comfortable even for long trips on the road. And the driver’s seat is adjustable for greater ease of use.

The rear seats fold down in order to be able to transport a very wide-range of large items like sports equipment in the back. The mirrors are heated so that they do not fog up even under the coldest of weather climates. The dashboard includes a clock, a compass, a tachometer, and an external temperature display.

The vehicle comes with convenient cruise control, front and rear cup holders, front door pockets, manual rear seat – easy entry, a tilt adjustable steering wheel, power steering, front seat back storage, and audio controls on the steering wheel.

With so many cars to choose from in the market today, picking just the right one might seem tricky. However, you don’t have to look any further. The year 2016 Jeep Wrangler really fits the bill and will provide you with many hours of fun on or off of the road.

What are the biggest car companies planning

After a survey by Forbes on the biggest auto companies in 2015, Japanese companies came up twice among the top 5 companies. Overtaking their German and American counterparts to the first position, Toyota topped the list followed by three German companies in succession. These were VW (VolksWagen), Daimler and BMW ( BayerischeMotorenWerke AG) . Honda Motors ended as 5th on the list. The coming years, and its rising concerns on utilizing clean and sustainable energy solutions have triggered the adoption of new plans by these companies. Plans to boost sales whilst meeting global requirements on clean energy are all being considered. The following are a list of what some of the biggest car companies are planning.

Electric Cars and Plug in Hybrids.

The global benefits of reducing carbon emissions and skyrocketing oil prices are encouraging a number of big car companies to increase the production of electric cars. Quite a few have already been making top sales since 2015, with Tesla and BMW producing high standard designs to meet their client specifications. VW, Toyota, Daimler and many companies are focusing research on developing more effective electric cars. Though these vehicles are significantly more expensive than the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles (vehicles that run solely on petrol), a growing appeal among customers has risen towards these vehicles.

Self-Driving Cars

The essence of driving is going to be put to question with autonomous driving. A dream, considered by some, car companies have already developed research effective autonomous vehicles. The Mitsubishi i-Miev and Renault Zoe are already being used in Singapore as taxis. Tesla also made autonomous driving a reality after it sent its cars a software update. This euphoria was short-lived after two Tesla self-driving accidents. Public confidence in this technology has come to question but not enough to deter other car manufacturers such as Audi, Toyota and Tesla themselves. Predictions from analyst are showing self-driving technology to be next step into the future. Companies without the technology may be imperiled as silver halide sellers in this age of the digital selfie.

Futuristic Designs

Big car companies are nearing the age of sci-fi realities by developing car designs only possible in sci-fi thrillers. BMW, Daimler, VW, Toyota and many big car companies are rolling out their concept models and performing street drives. These cars are featuring augmented reality dashboards and elastic car bodies.

Producing Solution Based Vehicles

Big car companies are committing research and financial resources to produce solution based vehicles. Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota, maintains his company is seeking innovative solutions to emerging social problems. Many Big car companies such as Daimler and BMW have such commitments to solving emerging social problems.

Development of Smart Cars

The concept of an intelligent vehicle is not a recent on. Cars have already become autonomous in driving. However, the demand for self-aware vehicles like in Winter Soldier have become very high. Companies such as Daimler and Tesla are already leading in the production of such cars. On a long enough timeline, we may just have cars that resemble robots in every way.

Things to look for when buying a car for the first time

Buying a car for the first time can be a confusing and daunting experience. You need to know where to buy, what to look for, questions to ask etc. Below is a guide to help make the buying process an easier and enjoyable one.

Things to look for when buying a car for the first time

1. Budget- It is important to have a budget before going car shopping. Think about how much you can afford to spend on the new car after deducting your taxes, bills and other expenses. Make your choice depending on the amount of money you have for a down payment and your ability to make down payments every month. Doing research will can help find a good car within your budget

2. How to finance the purchase- The good news about buying a car nowadays is that dealers offer a variety of payment options to choose from. Some of the options to consider include

· Taking out a loan-You can take a loan with your bank to finance your car. When you take out a loan, the bank will pay the whole amount and come up with an agreeable payment option for you to pay the loan over a period of time

· Hire purchase- This is where you make a down payment for the car and consequent monthly repayments until the whole amount is fully paid. You are able to take the car with you after the down payment

· Cash payment- You can buy the car on cash if you have big savings stored somewhere

3. Type of car to choose-Once you have set a realistic budget and have decided how to finance your car, the next step is to choose a car that fits your budget and needs. Do research online; ask friends and loved ones for advice about the best car that fits your budget. Before making a final decision, doing a test drive is necessary, as it will help you determine how the car works and if there are any problems. Take note of the mileage, lights, breaks, gears etc. The drive should be smooth and enjoyable. One of the benefits of buying used is that you have a wide selection to look from at affordable prices, from brands like mercedes, audi, and bmw.

4. Repairs and servicing- Regular repairs and servicing are important to keep you car in top shape, with a new car needing less maintenance than a used car. Most cars will require annual maintenance. You will also need to budget for gas and insurance. The law requires that all cars have auto insurance. Every state is different, find out what your state requires, and take out the relevant insurance. Do your homework and find out the best insurance cover for your car.

5. Buying new Vs Old- There are both pros and cons to buying a used or a new car. A new car has not been used before and is likely to require less servicing, while a used car is cheaper than a newer car. It is up to you to weigh the pros and decide accordingly.

6. Where to buy your car- You have a number of options when it comes to buying your car. You can buy your car from a dealership, shop online, or buy from a private party. Regardless of the option you choose, its always a good idea to visit your nearest dealership to test drive the car you want to buy. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can get quotes from different online dealers and negotiate for the best deal.

Knowledge is power, if a friend or loved has a particular type of car you like, you can ask for their opinion and advice. In addition, do thorough research to ensure you are equipped with important information before you head out to shop for a car as a first timer.