The Best Tech Innovations Coming to the Automotive Sector

The automobile industry is no alien to evolving technologies. Like smartphones, cars come with new features, year after year. The shiny hot thing, you buy this year will be done and dusted in a span of 1-2 years. That often puts prospective car buyers in a tangle. Car models gets improvised in just about a year.

Technology drives this industry forward. Nevertheless it results in the depreciation of car’s value consistently. On the bright side, we get advanced car models debuting in every automobile expo. Technologies deployed in this sector shapes the world we live in. Here’s some of the up and coming tech innovations to the automotive sector.

Self driving cars:

How long and often, are we hearing about self driving cars? It presents the concept of cars which can drive itself. The wait finally seems over, after Google engineers successfully tested self driving cars on over 2ook miles of public highways in Nevada and California. AI based technologies such as machine learning and big data analysis are used extensively here.

Augmented reality dashboards:

Augmented reality (AR) is infiltrating every sector. From real estate to mobile gaming to simulators, they are everywhere. For now, we have cars with GPS and similar displays that gets us from A to B. BMW have been deepening on their windshield display with AR, to identify objects before the wheel and how far they are away from the car.

Predictive vehicle technology:Cars are becoming IoT devices that connect to phones and takes voice commands. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will play bigger roles in the automotive sector. Carmakers are employing algorithms to automate configuring car’s application settings and infotainment systems. Predictive vehicle technology will extent till deciding whether the car needs servicing or not. Taking inputs from mileage alone, it can estimate performance and set up appointments with service centers.

Car as a Service (CaaS):CaaS is a little far fetched but very real. It is a ride sharing service organized with self driving cars. By 2025, the CaaS is expected to start operations, according to an IHS report. It offers car mobility to literally anyone. Drivers can book their ride via app. They are likely to look more like pods rather than cars of today.

Energy storing panels:

Hybrid cars are need of the hour, owing to ecological changes worldwide. But, their batteries take up too much space. In Europe, a group of 9 carmakers are researching on body panels that store energy. The panels are speculated to reduce car’s weight by an impressive 15%. Toyota upped the ante, by researching on body panels that capture and store solar energy.

Airbags that double as emergency brakes…

Ever since airbags were introduced, they became constant presence. Barring exceptions such as DC Avanti, all medium to high priced cars include airbags. They save you from fatal injuries during a crash. Mercedes wants to take it one step ahead. They are experimenting with airbags that stop a car before crash. Being part of an active safety system, it activates when a crash looks inevitable. Stopping power gets doubled.

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