The upcoming sports sensation – Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

corvette stingray

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is indeed an awaited sports car for the year 2017. It will make the expectations of many drivers soar with enthusiasm. It has an absolute performance as also it has very well built structure for a sports car. It is coupled with an incredible technology to suit its super sports racing look. It has couple as well as convertible availability.

It has very well built form suiting all the functionality of the car. Also the airflow in the air is well made to suit drivers in different circumstances. The cooling components are kept adjustable for reasons of different needs of different drivers. The design is well made with competition sports seating. The seating is even adaptable to grand touring. The need of screens is also taken care of by providing an 8 inch LED in the sports car. This indeed gives the sports car a design to bid for.

The performance of the car is also unquestionably as desired. Special emphasis is always laid on the performance when it comes to sports car as that is what the sports drivers seek the most. This factor is well adhered to by the makers of the car. The sports car has a 6.2 LT1 V8 engine with almost up to 460 horsepower. There are various automated features to add to this level of engine performance.

There is confident stopping power due to its brakes and tires availability. Efficient handling and grip is also made available to the drivers. There is an option to adjust to the road conditions a number of times per second. This ensures that the driver can drive as per the road conditions with a magnetic ride control.

The sports car has utilized the latest technology in the making of the car. There is scope for customization as there is reconfigurable instrument cluster. There is proper emphasis on ones sight while driving with the head up display. There is technology to enable one to talk, text, stream music hands free with the touchscreen facility. There is a premium Bose audio system with satellite radio that too with a 3 months of service available as well. All these technologies make the car an added benefit to users. With the help of various technologies the sports car is made up to date.

Safety is an element which is of utmost importance when it comes to purchasing any car for that matter. Even while buying a sports car, safety component plays an important factor affecting the decision making of the users.

This sports car takes care of this aspect also. It has an active handling system to keep the car well in control. Also there are seats to protect in case of collisions. It is made with 4 wheel anti-lock brakes to ensure safety while driving. The car is also made with a Automatic Crash Response to send the GPS location. It is made available with a 6 months service period for better customer service.

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